PROJECT TYPE : ERASMUS+  Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership Projects. Development of Innovation

PROJECT NUMBER: 2017-1-NL01-KA201-035264


General objectives of the project is decreasing the school dropout in the partner countries in holistic approach by developing education program for students, online inventory tools for teachers and students and increasing the teachers’ competences related to the preventing school dropout and making contribution to the related measure around Europe.

Dropout used by the EU to describe persons who are between the ages of 12 and 23 and have not completed their education at all or who have only received secondary education (European Commission, 2006). Every sixth young person aged 18 to 24 in EU-27 still leaves school with no more than lower secondary education and participates in no kind of education or training after this point.The children between the ages of 6 and 18 attend school as it is compulsory but some of the students are not interested in their schools. This situation can be described as hidden school dropout. On Council Recommendation of 28 June 2011 on policies to reduce early school leaving Council recommends as a prevention policy r to reduce the risk of early school leaving before problems start. As prevention policies Council recommends: Enhancing the involvement of parents, reinforcing their cooperation with the school and creating partnerships between schools and parents can increase learning motivation among pupils. Developing early-warning systems for pupils at risk, which can help to take effective measures before problems become manifest, pupils start to alienate from school, play truant or drop out. Supporting and empowering teachers in their work with pupils at risk is a prerequisite for successful measures at school level. Initial teacher education and continuous professional development for teachers and school leaders help them to deal with diversity in the classroom, to support pupils from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and to solve difficult teaching situations. Extra-curricular activities after and outside school and artistic, cultural and sport activities, which can raise the self-esteem of pupils at risk and increase their resilience against difficulties in their learning.

During the life of the Project it is aimed to develop competence framework on school dropout for teachers, to develop test for defining teachers’ competences related to the school dropout and to transfer the test to online platform, to develop course materials and to develop trainings for teachers, to develop inventories school dropout tendency for students and to transfer the inventories for school dropout tendency to online platform and to develop education programs for students at the risk of dropout.

The partner countries are from Holland, Turkey, Slovenia and Italy and there are 2 partners from each country.

First meeting of the project was held in Almere, Holand between the dates of 12-13 January 2018.